Xícara and a paper cutting

Slanted front view of a paper cut portraying a the letter g

Today I’m writing to share a paper cut I made last Thursday and
a Portuguese group I found (through a Facebook contact) called Xícara,

I am so thrilled about them, I love their music!
I feel so happy when I listen to it.
Plus I posted their video on my facebook wall
and liked their fan page and they “liked” my post
and commented back and forth with me,
and  one sent me a friend request!
So I was pretty exhilarated about it!  ^u^

Xícara – Se Me Deixares Eu Digo

I’m also very encouraged to see that they’re making music using instruments that don’t seem
“too hard to find”
It somehow brings a renewed value to them, in my eyes.
Imagine the treasures you can still find in them!
It feels like finding a long forgotten box of favourite colours that you once loved .
About the paper cutting, last Thursday I found out that on Friday my oldest daughter had the day off because it was teacher’s day. I’m really bad at keeping track of dates,
(even my own birthday my kids make sure I remember to buy -them- cake :p )
However my youngest did have school and I wanted to make a gift for her teachers.
(She attends the most wonderful school ever and I hope to post about it soon)
Since I found out rather late about teacher’s day I only had a few hours to make a gift
so I tried to be realistic and finally set out to make 3 paper cut outs:

Cut out shapes on card stock of the letters G,A and L

These are 3 letters, a G (shown backside up?) an A and an L.
I thought I would be able to make at least these three.

Drawing a botanical design with pencil on the back of the letter G

I started drawing a design on the back of the G

Picture of the back of the letter G with the pencil drawing of a botanical design all ready to be cut out

And forgot to leave the bottom part of the G empty! :o

But I liked the flower and leaves so I left them in to see how it worked out.
paper art cut of a letter g with botanical motifs and butterflies
He he :D Can you tell it’s a “G”?
OK, here you’re still looking at it from the back.
Front view of the paper cut out of a letter G made with botanical motifs and a butterfly on card stock

Here it’s a front view, all finished up at last!

But I didn’t have time to make all three of them! o.O
I hope to make time for them sometime, soon-ish, the weekend is almost over and I still have lots of cleaning and washing to do!
Hopefully I’ll become adjusted to our new schedule soon because I miss blogging (and crafting! :o )
a whole bunch! :)
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