Songs in Spanish translated to English

I started this section because I had translated a few songs for some friends.
These translations are literal, they’re meant for people that are curious about the meaning of these songs or who like Spanish.
They are not intended as proper English translations.

Click on the name of the song you would like to read a translation of, to be taken to its page:

¿A dónde van? by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Aire Soy by Miguel Bosé (Spanish)

Azul by Natalia Lafourcade (Mexican)

by Mercedes Sosa (Argentinian)

Camino a Camagüey by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Como un lobo by Miguel Bosé (Spanish)

De la ausencia y de ti
by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Días y flores by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

El Huapanguero
by Rodrigo González (Mexican)

Ella adivinó by Charly García (Chilean)

Gracias a la vida by Violeta Parra (Chilean)

Hasta El Fin Del Mundo by Aleks Syntek (Mexican)

Hermano dame tu mano by Mercedes Sosa (Argentinian)

Hijo de la Luna by Mecano (Spanish)

Hora de compartir by Natalia Lafourcade (Mexican)

Jonás y la ballena by Miguel Bosé (Spanish)

La arenosa by Mercedes Sosa (Argentinian)

Las manos de mi madre by Mercedes Sosa (Argentinian)

Llover sobre mojado by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Lucha de gigantes by Nacha Pop (Spanish)

Madre by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Mariposas by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Me cuesta tanto olvidarte by Mecano (Spanish)

Moiré by Soda Stereo (Argentinian)

Ojalá by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Óleo de una mujer con sombrero by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Polo Margariteño by Soledad Bravo (Venezuelan)

¿Qué hago ahora? (¿Dónde pongo lo hallado?) by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

¿Quién fuera? by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Rezo por vos by Charly García (Chilean)

Rock en vivo by Rodrigo González (Mexican)

Sé que me muero by Raquel Andueza y La Galanía (Spanish)

Si el poeta eres tú by Pablo Milanés (Cuban)

Sólo le pido a Dios by Mercedes Sosa (Argentinian)

Son de negros by Ana Belén (Spanish)

Sueño con serpientes by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Un lugar para renacer by Natalia Lafourcade (Mexican)

Vieja ciudad de hierro by Rodrigo González (Mexican)

Volveremos a nacer en Damasco by Eblen Macari (Mexican)

Volver a los diecisiete by Mercedes Sosa (Argentinian)

Y Mariana by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Ya viene el sol by Mecano (Spanish)

Yo soy como soy by Silvio Rodríguez (Cuban)

Yo soy la locura by Montserrat Figueras (Spanish)

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