Papier Mâché Doll

I’ve at last finished this little angel!

A Este Sol Peregrino

Enjoy this 17th Century Christmas Carol while reading about it.

    (English translation for the words at the bottom)

 Picking up where I had left last time, on the first post about this doll:

Miniature paper mache doll propped up against my hand drawn stickers

I outlined some flowers with black ink on his tummy

And painted them with acrylics

And glued many cards together to make him wings

I worked on their shape until I was happy with it

Then made some loops at the end of  some silver plated wire and shaped them like the top of the wings

Scotch-taped them in place leaving the loops free (to hang him from them)

And covered them with smooth plaster on all sides

Once they were dry I gave them a red acrylic base coat

And began decorating them to match the flowers on his tummy

My cleaning-paint brush water turned pink! :)

I extended the tiny petals to run through the top of the wings

and made many white pistils attempting to resemble the fluffy down feathers of younger birds

At first I thought of making his wings with an Egyptian design

But changed my mind and decided to make them round at the edges instead.

This is what he looked like before the epoxy gloss coat and here he is completely finished in the next picture.

Available at my etsy shop

I gifted this to my favorite uncle,
do let me know however if you would like something similar.

“A Este Sol Peregrino”

English translation:

To this wandering sun, sing glorias, O shepherd
and with taste and elegance, with joy and contentment
sing of how that orb gilds the mountain peaks, O shepherd,
and of how you live under its rays, revel in its light.

Divine (St.) Peter, your glories today enfeeble my voice
which, unable worthily to praise them,
substitutes a greater light.

From East to East journeys your sovereign splendor
so that even the sunset is a beginning
in which the sun is ever born.

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