Feisty Fish Windsock

Dawn often finds me crafting, I love the color of the sky.at dawn and dusk.

Night is my favorite time of all times. Everything is cool and quiet. and I can just relax and craft away, It’s when I have the strongest impulse to craft.

A couple of years ago I made some tissue paper windsocks, they didn’t like the terrace that much. It was the rainy season and they looked glorious under the harsh wind. They were swept away quite a few times and we’d go chasing after them until finally the rain got the best of them and the wind scattered them. So I decided that I would make them with fabric someday. And I made one last night for my etsy shop.

Etsy only allows me to upload 5 pictures and I have a hard time deciding which ones to use. Plus sometimes I take pictures of the process, this is not a tutorial but it might give you an idea of how to make your own fish-hat-windsock-boo:


I twisted some wire and made circles with it.
Then wrapped it with flora tape to waterproof it.

Cut out the eye’s shapes, burned its edges, and glued the pupil over the iris. Then embroidered highlights over them & added  lights to the pupils, then I

glued the eyes on the fish head and stitched  around the edges to secure them and  to make them look pretty.

I must say, this fish has been playing with us right from the beginning as you can witness on this picture to the left. He managed to stick out his tongue at us even before having a head!

I sew all the fabric stripes together to make the body and head and then sew the scales on. Then sewed the long seam along the side to finish up the body, you can see the tunnel vision on the inside!

I then gathered the bottom of the body and sewed the tails and some scales over them.

The tail strips were also burned on all 4 edges to prevent fraying. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this fabric, I was told at the fabric store they use it to make light raincoats. I doubt it would withstand any rain at all! But it’s perfect for windsock making! Really light weight and dries up within seconds if it gets wet, plus they had it in almost every color that I wanted!

The strips and scales burned  unevenly and this gave it a really whimsical look.

When I was a young child I had this idea stuck in my head, I thought that if I stared at something beautiful long enough it would become engraved in my eyes and when someone looked into them they would find a forest with the wind blowing, a tall bright sky or a beautiful waterfall. I was later told that was not possible.

But even now, I can’t help to think that this mischievous fish must have been staring at flowers..

These are some views:from underneath!

As soon as it was made it jumped right on my kid’s head! He looked like a really neat hat to wear and the tail could be wrapped around as some sort of scarf or just left alone to hang loose.
It looks so festive! I can hear him mumble Nomonomonomo Yum!

This is a detail of the part where the tail strips are sewn to the body

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  1. Leovi
    Posted September 21, 2010 at 5:17 am | Permalink

    Tus diseños son preciosos y despiertan mi inspiración.

  2. rasamalai
    Posted September 22, 2010 at 12:37 am | Permalink

    Muchas gracias por tu amable comentario :)

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