ACEO inspired by “Vaya, vaya de cantos de amores”

I hope you’re having  a wonderful Holiday!

I’m very happy because I’ve just found my favourite ACEO which had been misplaced.

It’s inspired by this 17th Century Mexican Christmas carol

English translation at the bottom

These are two details:

And part of the translation courtesy of the San Francisco Bach Choir:

“What wealth of song, what a shower of love!
what abundance of joy! Go then, O shepherds,
to this godlike Sun that shines by night.
What a sunburst of glory, what a feast of feasts,
so go with rejoicing, go with your hearts
full of love, O shepherds!

O radiant Sun who shines in Bethlehem
in the middle of the darkest night,
gloriously revealing in every ray
more light than a thousand suns…”

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ACEO inspired by “Vaya, vaya de cantos de amores” | 2011 | ACEO, Blog, Christmas, Mexican, sixteenth Century

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