whimsical ceramic tile for doorbell

Latch or hasp?

Which is your favorite word for knocker? A Latch made out of bronze, shaped as a hand over a wooden door in the Cuernavaca downtown areaIn spanish we call it Aldaba I find this word as beautiful as the item it names.
Latch shaped as a hand holding a ball, the cuff is shaped like the head of a medieval beast, downtown CuernavacaThese are all pictures of some that I’ve found around my neighborhood.
Wonderful mind teasers that allow our imagination to spin stories around them.
Wrought iron latch in the downtown Cuernavaca, Morelos area

I love beauty & when you can bring it into your everyday life it enhances it.
Latch at

These latches make me wonder what lies behind each door,

Bronze latch over wooden door, downtown Cuernavaca, Morelosa little bit of each home spills out into the world revealing something about the dweller’s personality or the building’s history.

Beautiful wooden door with rivets in downtown CuernavacaAngled view of the wooden door with the angel-faced ceramic plate for the doorbell


That is one lovely doorbell!

Mexican ceramic plate for a doorbell shaped like an angel's face

All these are on the same door. The lock-cover is a nice touch

Latch made out of wrought iron shaped like a smiling face with a big nose and one popping eye

Lock cover made of embellished iron with a hinge, open in this pictureEmbellished iron hinged lock cover

I have thoughtful neighbors! I wouldn’t want to knock on such hard wooden doors with my bare knuckles :)

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