tea cups and tea pots

Stacked tea cups

A friend asked me to make her teacups :)  So that is what I did yesterday.

She sent me some images of tea cups and tea pots she likes and this was the first one

So I drew it with pencil, which is something I don’t often do, but should definitely do more often! And then I colored it with acrylics and paintbrushes.
I gave it some touches with wooden coloring pencils over the acrylic.
stacked tea cups 1

And drew some leaves and started cutting
I was amazed at how much faster it was to cut the leaves out just because I had actually traced them first.
I think I’ll be using a pencil on regular basis from now on! :)
stacked tea cups 2
 and cutting some more
stacked tea cups 3

  until I was done cutting

stacked tea cups 4

  Then I had to take some pictures of it by the window :D

stacked tea cups 6
stacked teacups 5
 one look at the inside
stacked tea cups inside
 Then backed it up with bright pink paper
with pink paper
with pink backing paper 2
And made an envelope for it
making blue envelope
 Here it is inside
card inside the envelope
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