Build a home

My oldest daughter has an incredible good taste for music, thanks to her I’ve come to know a few groups that have truly beautiful songs.

“To build a home” by Cinematic Orchestra

This song makes me yearn for a home for us.
Its lyrics are so sad. I woke up to the sound of it feeling such sadness, the exact same one I felt when my mother passed away 3 and a half years ago.

My mom and my oldest daughter several years ago.

My daughters and I lived with her when they were both very young,
they are a little over 10 years apart, which means we came back to live with her after many years had passed.

Now we need to build our own home.

Work in progress, India Ink drawing.

I can’t build us a real house,
but I can dream of how I’d like it to be! :)

“Into white” by Cat Stevens

I miss having a space where I can feel free to create.
 I would definitely have my own room and a studio.
We have many dreams and yearnings.
My oldest and I crave living near the woods.
We both miss the crisp and clean air and the wind surrounding us!
To have huge patches of blue sky gazing down at us from our garden.

My youngest asks me to please buy her a garden.

I wish for the things that are found and seen in gardens,

I wish for old places that have years of history,

for spaces that appear to make no sense at first but that are beautiful and whimsical.

As a child I only wanted two things in my grown up dream house:

That it had warm yellowish-glowing windows at night, and to know that my family was behind those windows.
I feel like I’m making a home at this blog,
recreating the sensations I had when coming to a safe creative space.
I hope I can spend more time here again.
 Since school started it’s very hard for me to find time to blog or craft.

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