paper art-cut

A small paper-cut-out

leaves and flowers drawn directly unto a blank white business card previous to cutting some parts out
I started making these little paper cut-outs to make my business cards special.
I love the format and thickness of  this material
and I’d love to have a wall full of paper cuttings in this size!

Just imagine how fun that would be! 

My designs often start out looking like this first picture and I cut from there. Other times I just cut away.

Below you can see pictures of how I made this one :)
I designed some exposed roots and here they start showing
I worked my way from bottom to top, now some leaves are visible
 I love exposed roots! They make gorgeous patterns and make me wonder the age of the plant or tree that has them, therefore this particular plant-specie has them!
here you can see all of the bottom part has been cut-out, the roots look almost aerial
 I made a mother plant with two little daughters to her left :)
And finally we have the mommy plant with her 2 young daughter saplings to her left
The lowest flower seems to be kissing the oldest daughter on her top leaf!
I think I should have linked one of her leaves to the smallest plant.
I’ll keep that thought in mind for another cutting, 

I love this detail, it looks so much like lattice, and the dry paint drop behind it adds some nice texture to it

in the meantime this one is:


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