Fine ink lines

Yo Soy La Locura, S.XVII


( translated lyrics at the bottom) 

One sad thing that happened a short time before we left the old apartment was that my  technical  pen’s tip broke off .

With all the move expenses I didn’t think it wise to replace it, so instead I experimented  around using other disposable pens, which didn’t quite meet my expectations.

Behold the fat lines:

And since I didn’t want to keep on buying more supplies that might not work out I tried learning an old method which is  about ten times cheaper than a technical pen!

 I’m not sure what this tool’s name is in English, according to google translate it would be a pen nip, but please correct me if I’m wrong, as I’d love to know its proper name.

I needed more presentation cards :

And after some trying  and  ink smearing I was finally able to come up with these

I sure need to practice more!

But I’m liking this method a whole bunch! :)


Yo soy la locura

Yo soy la locura
La que sola infunde
placer, placer y dulzura
y contento al mundo.

Sirven a mi nombre
todos mucho o poco
y no, no, no hay un hombre
que píense ser loco.


I am the madness
I am the madness
The one who alone infuses
pleasure, pleasure and sweetness
and content to the world.

Everyone serves my name,
a lot or a little
and no, there is no man
who believes himself to be crazy.

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