The bookmark that wanted to be a kite

I´ve just re-listed this item and noticed that its post was missing!
It turns out it didn’t get imported from the old blog, so here it is again :)
I started making these drawings as supplies for scrap-booking but couldn’t help myself and I used them! It’s pieced together like a puzzle, or a collage. I felt like drawing suns and moons and a tree. I thought I could echo the moon with the bird’s spread out wings, which would also in turn link the tree to the composition. From then on it looked like it wanted to take up in flight! (to me) It reminded me of a story I had  read in Elementary   School about a piece of cardboard that was lying on the street. Two kids were walking by, a boy and a girl, and he/it told them he wanted to be a kite and asked them to please make him into one.
Since it was summer and the kids were kind and had lots of free time they brought him home with them and started working on him.
I was very touched by the intense desire of that cardboard and by how simply he/it dared to dream!

I try to dream too when I’m drawing, to allow my thoughts to move freely. It’s an intermittent attempt since reality keeps constantly bringing my attention back to the here and now.

I uploaded this pictures here because Etsy only allows room for 5 of them, but I had more than 5 and looking at all the space between them I feel tempted to write what I was thinking when I made this.

In case you’re wondering, the kids in the story made a beautiful kite with the cardboard piece, shaped like a hexagon and had a beautiful smiling sun painted on him. They added lots of colorful ribbons, Took him to the top of a hill and made him fly up really high! Then set him loose,as he had requested them to do so

I’ve always wondered ever since how a corrugated cardboard piece could fly at all? I thought kites were usually made of paper. There must be some mighty wind up on that hill!

But I’ve also wanted to make papier-mâché kites with smiling suns on them since then as well. :)

I’ve put the tassel at the bottom of this bookmark to resemble a kite’s tail.

Here are some pictures that I couldn’t toss away! :)


This is the back, it’s signed! :D  And it has a bluish moon.

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