The Artisan of Whimsy

  • The name was born with the help of my friend Stacy, who helped me brainstorm through lots of names.
  • It’s a one person operation, although I do get help here and there with ideas for new products and valuable opinions, sometimes without even asking for them! (Which is indeed deeply appreciated!) <3
  • I’m learning, loving and trying to make an honest living much like everyone else is! (:

My name is Claudia Liliana and I’ve crafted since I can remember, I’m 49 years old.

I studied at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City (“La Esmeralda”) for a year and then moved to an ISKCON Temple in the US in a pursuit to serve God and to get to know Him.
I moved back to Mexico after 4 years and studied some graphic design, got trained to give workshops on creativity stimulation for children and earned a diploma to teach Spanish as a second language, among other things.
I’ve tried most things that I have felt inclined to do. Theater, Bharat Natyam and Raga, poetry, guitar and piano. I plan to further my studies on most subjects as soon as I get a chance to. I used to study Latin and sing at the Morelos State University Choir, I love 17th century Mexican music, which I was introduced to by my teacher and choir director. I’m currently homeschooling and trying to learn Japanese and about Shintoism. I draw inspiration from everything and everywhere, sometimes I look for it and sometimes it just finds me! “rasamalai” is the nickname I go by at most web-places, it’s the name of an Indian sweet, one of my favourites! I love cats and small animals, unless they’re threatening to invade our home in an unfriendly fashion!
Life is too short to do it all.. I wish I never had to sleep or that days were about 8 to 16 hours longer! (:
I’m working at selling my crafts over the internet to support myself and my 2 daughters.
Or check out other links about how I make the things I make and what others have said about me


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